• How much are the hotel charges of child?
    Yes, guests who are 6 years of age and under, stay free when sharing a room with adults, using existing bedding.
    For children over 7 years old, we will guide you at 3.000 yen per person per night.
    Baby beds and extra beds cannot be added.
  • What kind of amenities are available?
    We provide toothbrushes, shaving razors, hairbrushes, body soap, rinse, shampoo, hand soap, bath towels, face towels, yukata robes, hair dryers and some other items.
  • Does this hotel offer roll-away beds or cots?
    We cannot accommodate an extra bed/rollaway bed in rooms.
    All rooms occupancies are based upon existing bed types only.
  • Do you have accessible rooms?
    Yes, we have a limited number of accessible rooms.
    Each has one bed, a bathroom with grab bars.
    Please be sure to indicate in the comments that you require an accessible room or wirte info@redroofinn-suites.jp and advise us.

Hotel facilities and services


  • Is breakfast included?
    Breakfast is not served at the hotel.

    From October 1, 2021, we started to sell a room plan that includes a breakfast ticket provided by Miyamoto Musashi Nihonbashi store.
    The restaurant is located just next door to our hotel.
    If you would like to have breakfast near by, please refer to that plan.

Access and parking

  • Do have a parking lot?
    We have no contracted parking lot.
  • Which is the closest train station to the hotel?
    Nippombashi station(5 minute by walk from exit 5) and Namba station(10 minute).
    From Namba station, you can connect and/or transfer to all trains: Subway M&S&Y line, Kintetsu, Hanshin and JR.

    For details, please see the Access page.
  • How do I get to the hotel from KIX?
    To reach our hotel via public transportation, recommend to take the Nankai Airport Line from KIX to Namba Station.
    The hotel is a short walking distance.

    You also may use Airport limousine bus to JR Namba station(OCAT).
    15-20 minute walk from JR Namba station.

Mail and package delivery

  • Can I mail baggage from Hotel?
    Yes, You can send your luggage to the next hotel or to the airport at NRT/KIX(luggage must be delivered less than 2 days prior to your flight).
  • Can I have packages delivered to the Hotel before I arrive?
    You can have packages sent to the hotel before your arrival. Please check the packages are addressed correctly:
    2-7-9 Nippombashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 542-0073
    Address the package to the name of the guest that the reservation was made under.
    Packages that arrive without the correct information will not be accepted.
    When sending luggage to the hotel, please make a designated shipment upon arrival on the same day.


  • Can I use images from the hotel’s official website?
    The hotel owns the copyrights to images on the official website.
    For images the hotel does not own, the hotel has received approval from the copyright owners to display them on the website.
    In consideration of copyright owners and protecting the right to use one’s likeness, we cannot allow the use of images on this website.
    With the exception of some photos taken by hotel staff, we have received permission from the following rights holders for images of major sightseeing spots:
    ・Osaka City http://www.city.osaka.lg.jp/
    ・Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau http://www.osaka-info.jp/


Reservations/Inquiries TEL +81-6-6585-7030
Reservations and inquiries by telephone
+81 6-6585-7030
5 minutes walk from Nankai Line Namba Station, Subway Nippombashi station, Kintetsu Line Kintetsu-Nippombashi station.
Red Roof Inn & Suites Osaka Namba/Nippombashi
2-7-9 Nippombashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0073

TEL +81 6-6585-7030
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